An Overview of Packages Now Available with the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia is an impressive midsize sedan as it were, but if you want more from your new vehicle, you can always choose one that comes with an upgrade package. There are three choices now available. Learn more about each, then reach out to Herb Chambers Alfa Romeo of Boston so you can obtain the right model for you!

You Have Three Packages to Consider for Your 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Driver-Assistance Dynamic Package — If safety is a priority for you, then take a closer look at this package. It contains several advanced technologies that will reduce the potential of an accident by keeping you alert. Examples of the driver-assist features that come with it includes but is not limited to automatic high-beam headlamps, Lane Departure Warning®, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus®, and other smart systems that keep an eye on your surroundings.

Nero Edizone Package — If you prefer a sportier aesthetic, then you will appreciate this package because it exchanges chrome exterior elements for darker options. For instance, its 19-inch aluminum wheels get a black finish while the miron V Scudetto grille gets a black surround. These add-ons give this new Alfa Romeo sedan an sense of mystery and intrigue.

Giulia Ti Sport Carbon Package — If you like a chic appearance that captivates onlookers, then this package is the one for you! It replaces chrome accents with carbon fiber, increasing the overall sophistication of this model. The exterior mirrors get a carbon fiber cap and the front grille gets carbon fiber inserts. There are touches of this premium material within the cabin, too!

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